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CRIntermodal Xian Terminal Took Effective Measures in Building Harmonious Development Environment
Date: December 4,2020   

In order to keep continuous and stable operation with safety, ensure the stability of staff team and guarantee the implementation of rules and regulations, the terminal management of CRIntermodal Xian Terminal has, combining with the actual situation, summarized a set of effective measures aiming at help managers learn about terminal situation and carry out work with efficiency.


Measure No.1: Care for Employees Living and Working Conditions, Jointly Establish a Harmonious Environment.


Care for employees wellbeing shall be facilitated in aspects of clothing, food, accommodation, transportation, vocation, social securities, remuneration, welfare, training, recreation activities, in an effort to address employees needs and provide aids to help employees out of their difficulties, in order to create a harmonious production and living environment for employees and ensure the stableness of staff team.


Measure No.2: The superior serves the subordinate.


The management shall timely learn about employees difficulties, listen to their requests, solve the problems existing in operation works of employees through discussion on monthly safety production meetings and establish a smooth internal communication channel with all levels of management taking parts so as to jointly create a harmonious working environment. Care for employees shall be facilitated through management rules and regulation systems such as arranging work shifts in advance for employees who has children taking entrance examinations or who is getting married or who needs to attend family funeral, arranging employees annual leave taking into account of their family needs, in an effort to stimulate employees sense of identity and enhance their sense of belonging and responsibility.


Measure No.3: Improve management level and simplify operation


Improve work style and remain clear-headed to eliminate lassitude in thinking, management and work style. The management shall play an exemplary role in carrying forward the spirits of responsibility and innovation and ensure the standardized safety management and site operation and regular safety inspection and rectification.


Measure No.4: Put end to simply piling up without sorting or eliminating


Sort out rules and regulations, various statements and statistics as well as the temporary regulations on a regular basis, and determine whether they shall be annulled or remain effective. Avoid random local rules that do not comply with rules and regulations of authorities or the Company, statements of various versions, or the work style of simply piling up without sorting or eliminating, in an effort to ensure the facilitating of the regulations in service while eliminating those no longer applicable thus help reduce workloads for frontier staff.

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