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The Innovative Operational Mode of “One Engine, Multiple Wheels” Helped Chongqing Terminal Boost Volume
Date: November 23,2020   
The “One Engine, Multiple Wheels” operational mode means to take international block train services and the New Land-Sea Corridor block train services as engine to push forward the development of domestic block train routes.
In 2019, while improving service quality for block trains, Chongqing Terminal enhanced communications with customers to better understand their needs and the market demand. In the beginning of 2020, the concept of “one engine, multiple wheels”, or promoting domestic block train volume via China-Europe, China-Asia and New Land-Sea Corridor block trains, was preliminarily formed, aiming at cargo source supplement and joint development of domestic block trains. Through giving full play to the international radiation power of China-Europe, China-Asia and New Land-Sea Corridor block trains and connecting the domestic channels such as Yuyong (Chongqing-Ningbo), Yurong (Chongqing-Chengdu), and Chongqing Yuzui rail-sea intermodal transport channel, the volume was boosted while quality of block trains service kept stable.

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