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Opening and Departure Ceremony of Zhengzhou Port Held in CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal
Date: November 20,2020   
On the afternoon of June 28, 2020, a ceremony for the opening of Zhengzhou Port and the departure of Zhengzhou-Huangdao-U.S. Rail-Sea Express was held in CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal. The first block train upon the opening of Zhengzhou Port, loaded with 49 cars of civilian refrigeration appliances and other cargoes which would be transferred to shipping bound for the US at Huangdao Port, was departed from CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal.
In order to attract shipping containers from ports to be collected and distributed to inland, and transporting through CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal, CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Branch, CRCT Zhengzhou Branch and Shenzhen CIMC Yantian Port Container Service Co., Ltd. jointed their efforts in constructing a storage yard area of about 10,000 m2 in CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal, which would be used to provide services including container storage, cleaning, and repair, etc., so as to help customers to reduce logistics costs, and increase the frequency and quality of Rail-Sea Express.
This is a solid result of the integrated development campaign that CRIntermodal Zhengzhou Terminal and CRCT Zhengzhou Branch combined their strengths together and gave play to advantages of railway block train transportation, forging smooth intermodal channels of railways, ports and highways, improving the overall operation quality and efficiency, reducing logistics costs, as well as promoting construction of Zhengzhou Inland Port with quality.
It is of great significance for Zhengzhou Terminal to give play to its advantages in connecting railways to ports, building a platform for win-win corporation, realizing integrated development, and operating rail-sea express lines with specific oversea and inland railway routs, in an effort to accomplish industrial structure transfer and optimization and upgrading and facilitate Zhengzhou’s opening to the world with high-quality development.

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