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Integrated Cooperation with CRCT Facilitated to Jointly Push Forward Container Transport Development
Date: October 15,2020   
Since the beginning of this year, as per the concept of integrated development put forward by CRCT, CRIntermodal has been exerting efforts forging a cooperation mechanism that is viable of resources-complementing, information-sharing and projects-connecting in order to achieve win-win cooperation with CRCT. Under the general requirement of exploring new market while enhancing internal management, integrating advantages of CRIntermodal and CRCT in order to achieve “1+1>2”effects, as was raised by Mr. Zhang Jiyi, the Chairman of Board, adhering to our goals of modernized, market-oriented, specialized and internationalized development, CRIntermodal has facilitated integration with innovative ideas and put in efforts to jointly explore container transport market and improve service quality and efficiency.
First, to establish a mechanism of integrated development. CRIntermodal and CRCT shall, as per principles of resources-sharing, cooperation based on specialization, integrated development and revenue settlement through agreement, jointly establish a mechanism under which the two parties shall formulate specific measures of integration development, carry out unified marketing activities, operate businesses together with specialized services respectively and organize regular meetings to work out issues together, in an effort to form a business tie of sharing risks and benefits.
Second, to jointly carry out marketing practices. We shall seize the golden opportunity that China is putting in great strengths in developing intermodal transport. CRIntermodal and CRCT shall jointly develop extensional stations, set up a joint marketing team with capable intellectuals to carry out marketing activities. Through proactive activities and joint efforts in planning and optimizing procedures, the two parties have laid a good foundation jointly to win the critical battle of “three-ensure and three-promote”, i.e., to ensure safety, stability and operation and to promote volume, revenue and efficiency.
Third, to strive for preferential policies with support of CRCT. While giving full play of our advantages in intelligent terminals and cargo collection distribution capacity, guiding our customers to choose CRIntrmodal terminals for services of departing, receiving and transferring of cargoes, CRIntermodal and its branches shall try to obtain rate-cut policies to attract more cargo sources to our terminals, relying on CRCT’s advantages in coordinate with CR.
Forth, collaborative dispatching mechanism shall be established. Following the principle of “centralized dispatching, unified command and rational distribution”, we shall work together with CRCT and CRTCL via internet dispatching center, so as to improve loading and unloading efficiency, increase productivity of collection trucks and freight trains, and speed up container turnover rate.

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