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Container Throughput of Qinzhou Terminal Exceeded 100,000 TEUs
Date: July 30,2020   
By June 7, 2020, the container throughput Qinzhou Terminal in this year had exceeded 100,000 TEUs, accumulated to 100,557.5 TEUs, a 129% increase compared to the same period of last year.
It took 159 days for Qinzhou Terminal to reach 100,000TEUs this year, 4 months less than the time Qinzhou East Terminal spent to achieve the same volume last year.
Since the beginning of this year, while putting in efforts to cope with unfavorable factors such as operating with facilities that are not fully ready, considerable number of new staff who are new to work, highly pressure for safety works and impacts of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, etc., Qinzhou Terminal has, adhering to high standard positioning and the principle of developing with quality, kept improving loading and unloading efficiency through enhancing efforts in coordination and integration with railway transport units, ports and platform companies and giving full play of the advantages of intelligent terminal information system, which well supported the development of sea-rail transport of Beibu Gulf Port, an international gateway port of Guangxi.

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