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Wuhan Terminal Made Significant Contributions in Transport Guarantee of Wuhan’s Combat to the Covid-19 Pandemic
Date: June 29,2020   
On May 19, the Wuhan Municipal Transportation Bureau circulated a notice of commendation for enterprises including Wuhan Terminal for their significant contributions in transport guarantee during Wuhan’s combat with the Covid-19 pandemic.
To win the battle of protecting Wuhan against the corona virus pandemic, Wuhan Terminal, as a railway transport service provider, has firmly facilitated the spirits of speeches by Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of CPC, implemented the decisions and arrangements of the central, provincial and municipal governments as well as of China Railway and CRCT. During the lockdown of Wuhan, the terminal, regardless of any gains or losses or setting any conditions, has made every effort to ensure the loading and unloading of supplies and various materials combating the epidemic, and promoted stable operation of China-Europe block trains, so as to guarantee the smooth flow of international and domestic transport channels, contributing to the achievements decisive to win the pandemic.
It is hoped that Wuhan Terminal should persevere in their effort to fully resume production and work with regular epidemic control measures in place. Greater contribution shall be made to the local economic and social development while striving to complete their annual target. Meanwhile, all employees from headquarters and branches (subsidiaries) are called up to learn from the model staff and concert their joint efforts in exploring new progresses of the company in order to meet the future situation and requirements.

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