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The Opening Ceremony of Qinzhou Terminal Succesfully Held
Date: July 11,2019   

On June 30, 2019, Qinzhou Railway Container Terminal (Qinzhou Terminal hereafter) under CRIntermodal was put into operation. Yang Jinbai, Vice Chairman of Guangxi Autonomous Region, Wei Ran, Executive Head of Beibuwan Administration Office, Kangwei, Chairman of Nanning Railway Bureau Group, Han Bolin, GM of CRCT, and leaders from Chongqing Municipal Government and Qinzhou Municipal Government, jointly witnessed the historical moment and delivered speeches on the opening ceremony. Shareholder representatives also presented the ceremony.

Qinzhou Port, an important hub of the“maritime silk road in the 21st century”, the sixth coastal bonded port of China, is a collecting and distribution center where cargoes of trades between the western China provinces and ASEAN countries are departed and received. Qinzhou Terminal, the 12th hub terminal that CRIntermodal constructed and put into operation, which undertakes the mission of constructing land-sea channel for western China. 

On the opening ceremony, Wu Yongqi, GM of CRIntermodal, required that the team of Qinzhou Terminal should stick to the purpose of “remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission in mind”. Our original aspiration is “to seek happiness for the people”, which means the management shall lead the staff building the terminal with high science and technology level to serve the society and enterprises and realize the expectation of “immediate cargo transfer from ship to truck and truck to ship” for a real seamless connection of sea-rail transport pushed forward by CR leader. Our mission is to construct a new mode of “Intelligence + Internet” for the terminal, in order to serve the economic development need of Beibuwan, the trading needs among countries and enterprises using the south  channel under the “Road & Belt” initiative and the needs of China-Europe Express Block Train and intermodal connection, contributing to the southern channel development.      

After the ceremony, Yang Jinbai, Vice Chairman of Guangxi, visited the exhibition hall in the service center of Qinzhou Terminal. Mr. Yang expressed his appraisal to the intelligent design concept for the terminal and hoped the terminal enhance information connection with ports, railway and road systems and make further contribution for the regional economic development. In the exhibition hall, Mr. Wu Yongqi gave an order on departing block train to Chongqing remotely through a real-time connection between Chongqing Terminal and Qinzhou Terminal via internet: “Qinzhou Terminal is viable for seamless sea-rail transport, now I order Chongqing Terminal to depart the train”. The remote on-site commanding was highly praised by the leaders and visitors. 

The opening of Qinzhou Terminal helped realize seamless connection of container sea-rail transport of “the last kilometer”,  symbolling an improved port container terminal arrangement for sea-rail transport. Qinzhou Terminal will use the advanced terminal and intelligent IT system to forge a sea-rail transport brand of worldly influence.  

After the ceremony, Mr. Han Boling, GM of CRCT organized a meeting to give answer to enterprises and guide the branches and the terminal to provide better services. Mr. Han emphasized on infusion and development. He required proactive efforts to help increase the terminal’s cargo volume and satisfy the requirements of “enhancing foundation works to reach standards, improving quality and increasing efficiency” put forwarded by the CR.

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