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Mr. Wu Yongqi Visited Leaders of Zhengzhou Municipal Government and Signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
Date: June 26,2019   

On June 18 2019, Wu Yongqi, GM of CRIntermodal, Visited Mr. Wang Xinwei, Mayer of Zhengzhou, and signed Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with Zhengzhou Municipal Government. Mr. Wan Zhengfeng, Vice Mayer of Zhengzhou, presented the meeting.

The Mayor welcomed Wu Yongqi and his team before giving a brief introduction of Zhengzhouí»s economical and social development. He remarked that Zhengzhou, a central city of national level under national support, boasts unique position and transportation advantages, with its industrial transformation and upgrading expediting. With the air, land, network and maritime í░silk roadsí▒ as its bridges connecting the world, Zhengzhou is on the way realizing í░buying and selling globallyí▒ put forward by President Xi Jinping.  

Wang Xinwei expressed that Zhengzhou had been expediting its development with quality. Especially, in Zhengzhouí»s campaign of pushing forward seamless Railway-Road-Airport-Sea intermodal transport, CRIntermodalí»s support would be indispensable. He expected CRIntermodalí»s continuous focus, support and investment in Zhengzhou while Zhengzhou will expedite its pace in constructing an internationalized, legal-oriented, and convenient commercial environment allowing enterprises to invest and develop without concerns.

Wu Yongqi expressed that thanks to the tremendous support of Zhengzhou Government, a í░win-winí▒ result would be surely reached with both sidesí» cooperation at a deeper level. CRIntermodal, with accordance to the work requirement of í░strengthening fundamental works to meet the standards, improving quality and promoting efficiencyí▒ of CR, have been enhancing its efforts supporting the development of Zhengzhou Terminal. By introducing advanced operational concepts and management mechanism, utilizing í░internet +í▒ concept, CRIntermodal is trying to forge intelligent terminals and intelligent logistics to serve the society and enterprises, helping realize road-railway-sea seamless connection and enhance competence of Zhengzhou Terminal, in the effort of building a regional logistics transferring center and financial center.

A strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed after the meeting. As per the agreement, the two sides would expedite the pace promoting seamless connection between Zhengzhou and í░maritime silk roadí▒ and construct a comprehensive railway-sea transport IT platform that integrates functions such as data-sharing, documents exchanging, intelligent analyzing and intelligent operation, etc., which will help forge Zhengzhou inland port into an intelligent logistics trade and financial center.

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