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GM Wu Yongqi Visited Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Group
Date: June 25,2019   

On June 19 2019, Mr. Wu Yongqi, GM of CRIntermodal visited Zhengzhou Railway Bureau Group (ZRBG hearafter) and met with Mr. Sun Jing, Chairman and CPC Secretary of ZRBG.   Mr. Wu Yongqi and Mr. Zhong Shenggui, GM of ZRBG, Dai Hong, Deputy GM of ZRBG in charge of transport,held meeting and communicated on topics of sea-rail transport platform corporation and construction of the second track group of Zhengzhou Terminal, etc..  Heads of the Planning Department, Freight Transport Department, Economic Development Department, and Construction Commanding Office of ZRBG also presented the meeting.


Mr. Wu Yongqi briefly introduced CRIntermodal in regards to development concepts and company advantages. He remarked that though the current volume was comparatively low, there’s good development potential for Zhengzhou. He hoped that with jointly cooperation efforts with ZRBG in developing intermodal taking sea-rail transportation platform as stand, we could further cut costs and promote efficiency for our customers. Meanwhile, as per the requirement of "an expedite Zhengzhou hub, an expedite China railway system "for dispatching, Zhengzhou will be developed into a sea-rail transport hub and a center of collecting and distributing which connects the east and the west, the north and the south, which would realize rapid growth in volume and revenue. Concerning construction of the second track group of Zhengzhou Terminal, Wu expressed his hope that CRIntermodal could introduce “Intelligence + Internet” concept in advance and that ZRBG could complete the construction works ASAP so that the terminal could lay good foundation for the future growth.


Mr. Sun Jing, Chairman of ZRBG, expressed that ZRBG attached highly importance to the cooperation and will support CRIntermodal as always and for international block trains and sea-rail block trains specifically, both sides should put in more efforts and promote volume with the platform company.


Mr. Zhong Shenggui, GM of ZRBG, expressed that as per the green development concept of the state and requirements of shifting road transport to railway transport, the role of railway transport especially with container would play a more and more important role. The establishing of a sea-rail platform will greatly improve the volume in Zhengzhou region. He suggested both sides work out advance plan, enhance connection with local government, set up phase targets and establish the platform company ASAP. Mr. Zhong also commented that Zhengzhou Terminal should be constructed into a world-class intelligent terminal with advanced concepts introduced by CRIntermodal, helping to promote container volume in Zhengzhou. 


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