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Intermodal container transportation in China has huge potential
The combination of rail and road services as well as the use of modern containers offers many advantages to conventional single mode transports. Pick-up and delivery by truck ensures that even the most isolated locations can easily be connected. Long distance service by block train reduces costs and is by far the most environmentally friendly solution. And the use of containers minimizes transshipment times and cargo damage. If you require fast and reliable door-to-door shipments, Intermodal container services are your perfect choice.

China offers excellent conditions for intermodal container transportation. The relocation of production facilities from the coastline to Central and Northeast China will increase average transport distance and further raise the attractiveness of combined rail solutions which have a competitive edge over medium to long distances. In 2007, rail container volume in China represented less than 2 % of the overall port throughput. It is therefore obvious that intermodal transportation has great potential in China.

To eliminate existing infrastructure bottlenecks the Ministry of Railway has embarked on an extensive investment program in its medium and long-term plan. The construction of 12,000 km dedicated passenger lines on busy routes will free urgently needed capacity for cargo trains. Further improvements in speed and reliability will be achieved through a strong increase in electrification and the extension of single lines to double lines. In addition double stack operations in China equipped 8,800 km for 2010 and will reach 16,000 km by 2020.

In the Five-Year Plan 2006-2010 MOR has committed to grow rail container volume from 3.2 million TEU to 10 million TEU. To fulfill this impressive growth MOR has decided to construct 18 rail container logistics centers at strategic locations in China.

18 modern logistics centers form the backbone of our services
The 18 terminals of CRIntermodal are located at major economic and traffic centers in China. Currentlly, 9 terminals, namely Kunming, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Dalian, Wuhan, Xi'an Terminals are already under operation. All remaining terminal projects will be completed in the coming a few years.

Our terminals will be equipped with highly efficient gantry cranes and modern reach stackers to ensure the fast loading and unloading of trains and trucks. There will be no more unnecessary shunting as the rail tracks are long enough even for trains of maximum length. Spacious warehouses, depots, repair shops and additional supply chain related facilities ensure that we provide all the services that you can expect from a state-of-the-art logistics center.

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